Our United Methodist Home of Worship

Thank God Your Forgiven!

How wonderful that you should find yourself here at our website! Are you looking for the Lord? He is here waiting for you! Our large community of church members are here to support you and help lead you to Christ! This place will soon become your second home, and the people your second family! All gathered together to worship and praise the glorious Almighty! The warmth and love of the Lord will surround you and comfort you as you listen to the sermons and praise and sing his Holy name! What are you waiting for? He is calling you to come...

Join us in love and prayer!

Join us in peace and happiness!

Join us in spirit and soul!

Join us and renew your faith!

A Special Thanks

We want to say thank you to the dear amazing supporters of our church family for their loving and generous contributions. What a difference your charity has made! We are all truly fortunate and privileged to have such incredibly giving people donate their time and money to us.

We especially want to give thanks to the gentleman from a local auto shop for their true acts of love and kindness. They helped to repair our vehicles when we have a need, and for moving them for us when we have no other way. Your brand of generosity is a rare gift indeed! How grateful and appreciative we are of you! Stop By And Tell Them Thanks by checking out their website.

Why You Should Come!

We must respect, obey, trust and listen well to God, to our Savior, and his will for us. That willleads us to church, to prayer and worship, and we must rejoice in that and respect His calling! "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them."Matthew 18:20

We thank you greatly for coming to our website. Please also come to our church and see for yourself what you can be! Visit and worship with us and you will finally know where you belong! Your presence will be a great addition! Come to renew your faith and to affirm your place in the Lord's everlasting grace!