Welcome Home For The First Time

We of The Neighborhood are interested in meeting our family. All of those who have heard the Word, who have accepted the presence of God in their lives, are one with their brothers and sisters all across the globe. Our mission is to welcome all of those who have accepted the role of God in their lives into our home, The Neighborhood , as beloved kin. Our intention is to build a community of people dedicated to self-improvement in God’s name. We believe fully in the power of our fellowship, in coming together as a body of the faithful, to create a better world by working together. Understanding that “where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst” we are committed not only to bringing as many people together in regular worship as possible, but also - through cultivating various prayer and outreach groups - ensuring that none of our brethren ever feel alone. Seeking to become better stewards of God’s creation and better vessels for His Word, we strive always to grow in the Spirit. We believe that a moral, upright, generous, and righteous life is best cultivated in a society of like-minded individuals. Of course, our discipline and dedication in no way prevent us from really enjoying our time together. Whether raising our voices in song, celebrating life events such as weddings and baptisms, or just laughing and having fun at one of our prayer groups or pot-lucks, we truly celebrate the life of service to God which we have chosen. We believe our divine path is paved with prayer, community service, strong moral values, and the joy of being a part of a conscientious and engaged congregation. All who walk this path are not only welcome at The Neighborhood , but are already our brothers and sisters in Christ. So we invite all who feel called, all who are curious, all who who feel alone, all who want to live a good life and walk the path of righteousness together to come meet the family you didn’t know you had. The Neighborhood is our home, and the home of our our brothers and sisters. We welcome you to come home to The Neighborhoodfor the first time.